Car sharing: solution or promoting the wrong alternative?

We live in a world where too many people tend to own private cars, a problem that especially accumulated in Europe's biggest cities. As a means to solve this issue, the city of Bremen opened its first car-sharing park in 1990, with growing success ever since. Even the reader might be familiar with initiatives like ICS, Cambio and civitas that have come to pop-up in the street image.

However, there have always been proponents and opponents. A recent study from Civity claims that car-sharing will not provide a solution, but rather worsen city traffic. For example, the shared cars are stationary most of the time and tend to be used almost exclusively for short distances. 

The full article in Der Spiegel (German) can be found here.

What do you think: is car sharing a 'good' alternative? Does promoting car sharing negatively impacts other transport alternatives?

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Hello everyone,

Wonderful initiative, here are some comments :

- I believe that car sharing is fantastic, and it is a very good idea.

- Anyway , there is no transport solution that is " THE" solution, it must be solved through a network of solutions.

- First I think we should encourage walking, then biking or other system powered by humans, then using systems with engines (first the integrated system of the city, then the shared car system )

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