Communicating Sustainable Lifestyles... the opportunity

We invite you to visit our knowledge library and check out the  language and communication group created for the MORE SL and TRANSFORM workshop that took place in Vienna on November 20th 2015 in the context of UNEP’s 10YFP Program “Sustainable Lifestyles and Education” (SLE).

The video aims at summarizing the insights of our task force “Framing and Communication of Sustainable Lifestyles” and invites not only participants of the workshop, but actually EVERYBODY interested in the topic to participate in a continued discussion of the following questions:

-          How can we translate research insights better into practice?

-          Which good-practice examples are out there that can help communicating sustainable lifestyles more effectively?

-          Which research insights can help us to frame policies and curricula and to guarantee an inclusive discussion of what a good life could look like across cultures and regions in the future?

We invite you to use this board to contribute to this discussion and stay posted on what is happening in the discussion on sustainable lifestyles and be among the first to learn more about possibilities to get involved.

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