Thanks to you the Global Network on Sustainable Lifestyles is celebrating its second year!

This was possible thanks to your comments, information and willingness to exchange knowledge and ideas for living sustainably… so tell us...

What would you like to see at the GNSL?

Which features do you like? What would you suggest to make them better?

In what other ways can the GNSL help you to connect with more sustainability practitioners?

This is YOUR network and we'll try our very best to make the GNSL fulfil all your dreams :)

This discussion board will be open until August, so feel free to share your thoughts with us

Thank you!!

ps. for the shy ones, you could also send us a line via message 

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Happy Birthday! "">Such a joy to see that these efforts have continued to promote more and more sustainable lifestyles.
">I am also happy to keep connected to the network, and I hope that more and more people will be talking about this, so that we all may become agents of change.

"">What would you think if we run more surveys among network members, and outside it as well, to identify key issues in lifestyle?
"">What do you think if we give more importance on the network to calculate ecological, carbon and water footprints, and then publish the results on the web and other media?
Is it possible to take advantage of our GNSL community, through crowdsourcing strategies, to support further projects of CSCP and other global institutions? By the way,<br /"> ">I am supporting the WRI FLW Protocol (for those interested in supporting:

"">I hope these questions provide ideas that are useful.
Happy weekend to all!

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