Do you want to know what 'new luxury' looks and feels like? Bernadette, the visionary entrepreneur behind Ono Creations gives us an insight of what future fashion accessories are all about...

Every day, everywhere, we encounter people who are passionate about bringing change, creating value not only for themselves but for all around them. Bernadette Bodenmueller is one of them. Like many others, she had a dream – but the difference was made when she crystallised it... Be inspired by her beautifully designed handbags, which also provide means to improve the livelihoods of the artisans that lovingly hand-craft each one of them.

Sublime: What is ONO Creations and what inspired you to set up an eco-friendly business?

Bernadette Bodenmueller: It all started in 2013 during my time living and working in Bali. I was inspired by the incredible lush nature, the meticulous craftsmanship around me, the natural elegance of the Balinese women, and the profound and simple life philosophy I learned there: ‘cause no harm’. I simply decided to create products that combine it all: beauty, elegance, art, natural materials, quality, durability and a fully sustainable approach for people and the planet. I loved the idea of having no longer to choose between beauty and sustainability. Why would people, animals or the future generation have to suffer for us to have beautiful things? Why not create beauty and a higher value for everyone involved including customers, team and partners? I was inspired by this challenge – I wanted more so I went ahead and did it.

S: How would you define your company’s brand core values?

BB: Honesty and integrity are values I live by, and which I try to implement with Ono. When I discovered cork, which is promoted as such a great and natural product, I instantly loved it... Read the complete Article:

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