Paying with the Nike FuelBand: social value or hidden consumerism?

Hey to all,

I just happened to come across this article today. The topic is that retailer Nike now has put some kind of vending machine in New York City that allows them only to pay with the Nike FuelBand. or those unfamiliar with this system, you exercise wearing the band and get rewarded by a certain amount of points. Nike now allows to exchange these points for Nike-merchandise.!bDkLDg

At first my thoughts were positive on this initiative: a large corporation getting people to exercise more. But admittingly, there is also some kind of bitter taste to it as some kind of 'hidden consumerism'. What do you think?

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Hi Robin ,

Thank you for sharing this!

I had not heard of this idea. It seems fantastic to me, but I would remark two important points from my point of view:

- It would be more " honest " if the initiative would allow one could redeem accumulated points for products from other different systems to Nike and even to cumulate points that also serve for other stores of different sports, not necessarily Nike's .

- How do you make sure that some people will not be exceeded in its days of exercises to get more products?

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