About The Network

About the Global Network:


We are a global platform of practitioners and experts that come together around the joint commitment to

enabling more sustainable lifestyles.

The Global Network on Sustainable Lifestyles seeks to inspire decision-makers, stakeholders and the public to think differently about how to enable more sustainable ways of living. Co-creating new stories of our sustainable future, envisioning and designing the future we want are central to this work. We believe that visualizing possible futures helps us to create those futures.

The GNSL offers a platform to:

  • Link to current work on sustainable lifestyles and sustainable consumption, globally,
  • Join a global network of experts and practitioners; leaders, learners, and unusual suspects, who are working to enable more sustainable living for all.
  • Facilitate new partnerships that advance thinking and action.
  • Search and harvest dynamic content including current lifestyle impacts, promising practice for sustainable living, triggers to behavioral change, visions and aspirations for more sustainable futures
  • And more…!

The network is built on the principles of:

- Communicating and Translating

Practices of sustainable lifestyles made accessible and understandable from the social, economical and environmental perspectives, thus “speaking the language” of the different social actors. Our principle of innovative thinking for communicating hotspots and impacts on/of lifestyles, helps to hone skills towards solution creation and engagement.

- Enabling cross-pollination and action

The network facilitates linkages between disciplines, cultures, and practice.  Through virtual and live collaboration, the GNSL enables  the connection of organizations and individuals to achieve more sustainable living for all and with a method that seeks to advance sustainable living further, faster, together.

- Developing, implementing and sharing

The GNSL provides tools and methodologies to make sense out of abstract concepts and ideas.  We hope that the openness of the network will allow new forms of interaction between  participants, enabling a ripple-effect of actions in communities and society at large.



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