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The Global Network on Sustainable Lifestyles is your hub for connecting ideas with actions, needs with solutions, and of course, to get to know more about ways to live more sustainably today.

Linking efforts with other networks is of paramount importance and the GNSL encourages you to visit and get involved in them... here are some of our top recommendations, of course, if you know of other networks supporting sustainable lifestyles, please share!

Global Network on Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship

UNEP Sustainable Consumption and Production Clearinghouse

- Green Africa Directory*  

Global e-Sustainability Initiative*

- Love green (mainly in German with a section in English)


*Endorser of the Global Network on Sustainable Lifestyles 


Comment by GNSL Team on June 3, 2013 at 5:03pm

Through its Clearing house, the UNEP has also recognized the efforts of the Global Network on Sustainable Lifestyles 

Check out the latest press release of UNEP!

Comment by Lucas R. Ivorra Peñafort on June 5, 2013 at 6:50pm
Dear networkers!

I would like to share the following document called "80 tools for participatory development" of Frans Geilfus. I hope you find it useful in your projects and daily activities, as an instrument to implement projects more contextualized with stakeholders that surround any entrepreneurial initiative. The link leads to the cached version, but you may download the PDF versión for free.


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