Publications on Sustainable Lifestyles

Budding Ideas Glocally (BIG2050) Project

BIG2050 Report "Launch Event in Rio+20" RioPoster120808r.pdf Brazil, 2012

Output document - Multi-stakeholder workstudio:
WorkstudioChina_low-res.pdf, China, 2012.

Output document - Multi-stakeholder workstudio "Collaboration for Sustainable Lifestyles through Innovation": "Report workstudio Colombia English version", "workstudio report in Spanish" Colombia, 2012

Output document - Multi-stakeholder workstudio "Innovation for competitiveness towards sustainable lifestyles": Workstudio_Report_Manila 

Output document - Multi-stakeholder workstudio "Collaboration and Sustainability: A Multi-Sectoral Path for Growth": "Workstudio report Ghana"

Output document. Multi-stakeholder workstudio "Collaboration for Sustainable Lifestyles through Business and Social Innovation":


BIG 2050 summary of findings. Brochure. February 2014.

SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 

SPREAD Baseline report "Today's lifestyles, tomorrow's trends" 2012

Infographic: Understanding Sustainable Lifestyles in the EU. 2011

                       SPREAD Magazine. Final publication with all findings and material - an overview into future European lifestyles. 2012

Workstudio Series

Output document - workstudio Nokia/Deutsche Telekom "Innovation towards Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Consumption and Production on the ICT Sector" Brazil, 2012

Output document - workstudio Global e-Sustainability Initiative "Future lifestyles and opportunities for the ICT Industry" Berlin, 2012

Other useful material

An insight into the business approach: Scaling up business impacts on Sustainable Living. CSCP, 2012

 Outcomes of the Global Research Forum on Sustainable Consumption and Production in Rio. Direct download: GRF%20%20Final%20Report%20Rio%202012.pdf



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