This site provides materials from the "BIG 2050" workstudio in Berlin.

Experts from different fields delivered an "impulse" about the opportunities their sector has for enabling sustainable lifestyles in Europe. Sectoral round table discussions took place after the impulses and panels and provided insights of existing success stories, possibilities for scaling them up amidst actions that different stakeholders can undertake.


Speakers, table hosts and topics:

  • Petra Fagerholm (European Environmental Agency) - Clothing / Textile Industry
  • Christian Löwe (German Federal Environmental Agency) - Innovation through Policies
  • Peter Mitchell (Waste and Resources Action Programme) - Circular Economy
  • Luis Neves (Deutsche Telekom) - ICT Impulse
  • Heinz-Gerd Peter (Deutsche Telekom) - ICT table host
  • Stéphanie Schmidt (Ashoka) - Innovative Entrepreneurship
  • Hendrik Schott (Deutsche Welle) - Media


To access them, please, click here!



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