Should the marketing industry take a lead in promoting sustainable products?

As we all might know, one of the topics that is inextricably linked with sustainable consumerism is that of behavioral change. It was Ajzen & Fishbein who in 1971 stated in their theory of planned behavior that de step from intention to action requires a positive attitude, a sense of control and an idea about what your peers are doing. But no surprise to the reader, for a lot of people, intention and proper action are miles away from one another.

So can advertising be a persuader in this case? Many of us shudder at the thought that marketing can take up social responsibility (unless you're a marketeer reading this). This article from The Guardian believes that the advertising industry can do more than just green washing alone:

What do you think, can the advertising industry take up social responsibility? Is there a future for sustainable marketing? Let us know!


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